Lifestyle photography

Minimum order: You can choose any combination of our services as long as your first order totals $190 or more. Minimum does not apply to return clients.

Natural arrangements

What are lifestyle photos? As an alternative to pure white backgrounds, we combine props, textured surfaces, dramatic lighting, stock photography, or a mix of all four to create small customized settings with big visual impact. To give you a better idea of what we mean, we’ve included a small gallery right here plus additional examples in our portfolio.

Any limitations? Our lifestyle photos focus on small arrangements that can usually fit on a tabletop, anything that requires travel outside our studio, construction of large sets, or full-body models, is not available with this service, but we can simulate these more complex environments using stock photo compilations (below).

Lifestyle photos starting at $295 per photo

Stock photo compilations

Get the look without breaking the bank. We can combine professional photos of your product that we shoot in our studio with high-quality licensed stock photography. It’s a great way to show your product in a wide variety of settings without the high cost of going on location or constructing elaborate sets.

Check it out. The photos shown left all feature product photographs shot in our studio which are then combined with stock photos to provide the setting our clients are after.

Stock photo compilations starting at $195 per photo

Splash some color

Vibrant colorful backgrounds. Liven up lifestyle shots with a wide array of vibrant colors to help make your photos burst with color. Our team will work with you to recommend a style and color palette that will work great with your products.

We can also add props. Combining an awesome arrangement and great lighting with carefully selected props to help give your product context.

Colorful lifestyle creations starting at $295 per photo