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Hero Shots: Premium Product Photography

Starting at $115 per photo

Hero shots build on the quality of our Seamless White Background product photos by incorporating additional features and meticulous attention to detail, ensuring your products stand out from the competition.

What's included?

Our Hero Shot service includes everything in our Seamless White photo service plus:

  • Ultra-high resolution 36-megapixel image capture (up to 4x the resolution of our Seamless White photos before cropping)
  • Transparencies delivered in PNG format
  • Enhanced image editing with additional defect removal and special attention to reflective surfaces like chrome
  • Pure white background or a background color of your choice
  • Group photos with up to 5 pieces
  • Products up to 3 feet on their longest side

Pricing details

Hero Shots start at $115 per photo.

This rate applies to most products, provided they are not larger than 3 feet on their longest side or grouped with more than 5 pieces.

For photos that exceed the standard Hero Shot service, a custom quote will be provided. Additional charges may apply for:

  • Large group arrangements
  • Products larger than 3 feet on a side
  • Extensive assembly or styling
  • Hand modeling

Interested in using props or custom backgrounds? Check out our Lifestyle Photo service.

How to order

  1. Start an order
    Begin by placing an order or contacting our sales team.
  2. Communicate your needs
    Inform your project manager that you’d like to include Hero Shots in your project.
  3. Collaborate
    Discuss your ideas for presentation, lighting, and background color, with your project manager.

Increased Resolution

A stack of paper napkins with cutlery on a tan background

Up to 4x higher resolution than our Seamless White Background photos, offering greater detail and texture when zoomed in.

Additional Editing

A shiny chrome tea kettle on a blue background

Careful attention is given to enhance the appearance of challenging shiny surfaces, such as chrome.

Transparencies Included

Chrome lipstick tube on a transparent checkered background

Hero Shots include transparencies, enabling the product to blend seamlessly with any background.

Hero Shot FAQs

Here are answers to some of the most common questions about Hero Shots and their role in a product photography project.

What is a Hero Shot?

Hero Shots are our top-tier service, offering everything included in our Seamless White Background service but with significantly higher resolution. They feature extensive additional editing, perfect for challenging surfaces like chrome. Plus, they include high-quality transparencies in PNG format, allowing your products to adapt and blend seamlessly with any background.

What resolution are the images?

Our Hero Shots are captured at an impressive 36 megapixels, resulting in images that start at a stunning 7360 × 4912 pixels. This provides a 4x increase in image size compared to our standard Seamless White Background photos, ensuring maximum clarity and detail.

In cases where cropping is used to remove excess white space, the final image dimensions will be smaller, but rest assured, Hero Shots are always captured at the full 36 megapixels in-camera.

What additional touch-ups are included in Hero Shots?

We pay extra attention to challenging surfaces, such as shiny plastic and chrome, ensuring these materials look their best. Product prototypes and manufacturing samples often have minor defects that don’t reflect the final product’s quality. Our Hero Shot service provides extensive touch-ups, correcting issues such as crooked labels, mold seams, misaligned gaps, damaged box corners, and more.

When should I choose Hero Shots over Seamless White photos?

Choose Hero Shots when you need the highest possible image quality and detail. They are perfect for showcasing your products on high-traffic platforms like Amazon.com, where the primary image plays a crucial role in attracting customers. Hero Shots are also ideal for any application requiring exceptional resolution and clarity, such as product packaging, advertisements, and promotional materials. If your images need to withstand close scrutiny and present your product in the best possible light, Hero Shots are the way to go.

How do Hero Shots differ from Lifestyle Photos?

Hero Shots are highly focused on the product itself, typically featuring a simple solid background, which can be white or a color of your choice. These shots highlight the product’s details and features without any distractions.

On the other hand, Lifestyle Photos incorporate props and customized scenes to show the product in a real-world context. These shots create a narrative around the product, demonstrating how it can be used in everyday life. Lifestyle Photos are perfect for showcasing the product’s practical application and aesthetic appeal within a curated environment.

Hero Shot Photo Gallery

Explore the gallery below to view Hero Shots captured in our Las Vegas studio. Our talented photographers expertly highlight the unique features of each product, ensuring they shine and stand out in every image.