Enhanced copyright

Copyright transfer

Add $20 per photo

Secure full legal ownership of your photographs via optional Copyright transfer, granting you enhanced legal control over your images and their use.

What's included?

A written copyright transfer agreement, releasing our interest in the photos, and assigning you or your organization and the new copyright holder.

Not included

  • Copyright transfer is not available for some photos where stock photography is incorporated into the image. This is most common in lifestyle photos.
  • Registration of photos with the United States Copyright Office. However, as the new copyright holder you may choose do so. Please consult legal council for more information about registering copyrighted images with the USCO and whether doing so is beneficial in your circumstances.

Pricing details

Add $20 to any photo, $200 minimum
This cost is in addition to the price of the photo itself. Due to the additional documentation requirements of this service, a $200 minimum applies, which would cover the copyright transfer of up to 10 photos.

How to order

  1. Start an order
    Begin by
    placing an order or reaching out to our sales team.
  2. Communicate your needs
    Tell your project manager you’d like to include copyright transfer in your project.
  3. Collaborate
    Discuss with your project manager which images should include copyright transfer. 
Person holding a copyright symbol, symbolizing the transfer of copyright.

Copyright FAQs

Below we’ve provided answers to the most common questions regarding copyright transfer. Please note that we are not able to provide legal advice and you should consult an attorney for any and all legal advice regarding copyright.

What is copyright transfer?

Copyright transfer is the process of transferring copyright ownership from the photographer to the client. The client becomes the legal owner of the photos, as opposed to being someone who is licensed to use the photos.

Why would I need copyright transfer?

While all our photos come with a royalty-free license, you may need copyright transfer if you want full ownership of the images, the ability to send copyright claims, take legal action against infringers, or if you have specific internal legal requirements that necessitate owning the copyright.

Here are some reasons why you may consider adding copyright transfer to your project:

  • Legal Protection: Have the ability to send copyright claims and take legal action against unauthorized use or infringement.
  • Business Flexibility: Use the images in any way that aligns with your business needs, including modification, resale, and distribution.
  • Intellectual Property Management: Simplify internal legal and administrative processes by consolidating image ownership.
  • Custom Licensing: Create and manage your own licensing agreements if you plan to sublicense the images to other parties.
  • Exclusive Usage Rights: Guarantee that the images won’t be used by anyone else, including the photographers’ portfolio, maintaining exclusivity for your brand or project.

How is copyright assignment different from a license?

A license grants you the right to use the images under certain conditions specified in the license, whereas copyright transfer gives you full ownership of the images.

Is copyright assignment included in my photography project?

All photos produced by our studio carry our standard royalty-free license as detailed in our Terms of Service.

Copyright transfer is an optional service that is not included in standard photography projects and must be requested and paid for separately.

Can I add copyright assignment to previous projects?

Yes! You can request copyright transfer for previously completed projects. Please contact us to discuss the project(s) and photo(s) you’d like to have included.