Amazon A+ content photography

Amazon A+ content photography

What is Amazon A+ content? A+ content gives brands additional creative control over their product listings by allowing unique image and text combinations in their layouts. Sellers can choose from a variety of modules that allow the seller to describe their products and brand in unique ways.

For example, a brand who sells bottles can use a comparison module to show the differences in bottle materials and pump types available or to showcase an entire product line. When used effectively, A+ content can help increase traffic, conversion rates, and sales.

What’s an A+ module? An A+ “module” is what Amazon refers to a unique arrangement of images and text which can be used to better showcase a product and enhance a product listing. Many modules featuring different layouts are available to choose from.

How can you help me with creating A+ content? Images destined for A+ modules have strict size requirements. We help Amazon sellers by creating images that are composed and cropped to perfectly fit within the modules you’ve selected. We can also assist with choosing modules that will look great with your products. We don’t offer copyrighting services, so you’ll still need to provide your own written content.

We are currently offering photography services designed to work with A+ content modules through our Unlimited Amazon photography packages.

Amazon A+ content for specific image sizes

Our A+ content images are sized to exactly match the Amazon size requirements for modules you’ve selected.

Can any seller add A+ content to their listings? You’ll need to be sure you have A+ content enabled on your seller account. In order to utilize A+ content in your product listings you must be registered with Amazon as a brand owner through the Amazon Brand Registry process. For more information on A+ content and brand registration, click here.

A small sampling of the many different modules offered by Amazon to enhance the appearance of your product listing.