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Ellen Black

I am so pleased with the business relationship I share with Robert and Productphotography.com.  Taking photos and keeping up with the task of taking photos was always such a time consuming and difficult process and finding ProductPhotography.com  has been such an asset to our company. They are ALWAYS friendly, dependable, and truly listen to my needs. More than ever quality photos are crucial to doing business and I relax knowing that whatever task I throw their way will be great.

Ellen BlackLehr & Black
Marc A.

Robert is one of the best still-life photographers I have ever had the chance to work with. Not only is he an accomplished photographer, but his personality, manners and dedication make him my number 1 choice when it comes to commissioning or referring a product photographer to my clients.

Marc A.(Creative director)
Rikke Brogaard

We have been with ProductPhotography.com for over four years. I couldn’t be happier with the friendly service and excellent image quality.

Rikke BrogaardEntourage of 7
Aaron Ruckman

We use ProductPhotography.com for three reasons.  First, the quality of their work is outstanding.  Second, their prices are very reasonable.  Third, the process couldn’t be simpler.  We ship products to them with a list of the shots we need and provide some basic guidance.  Projects are completed quickly and the final photos are uploaded to our account on their website for easy download.  When finished, they ship the products back to us in Illinois.

After over six years of working with ProductPhotography.com on a wide range of products, we’re happy to recommend them without reservation.

Aaron RuckmanAmeritex Industries, Inc.

In my line of work I often need product photography quickly to meet tight deadlines. ProductPhotography.com has come through for me again and again. Whenever I have a need for quality photography timely delivery matters, I know Robert House and his staff will deliver. There is a reason I go back to ProductPhotography.com every time I need photos for a project I’m working on, they provide excellent quality product photography at unbeatable prices. Combine that with first-rate communication and customer service and you can’t lose.

Tony DonatoKeegan & Company, LLC
Nina Howard

I have been working with Robert House at ProductPhotography.com for almost a decade and rely on his commitment to quality and visual expertise to deliver to Bellanina the best photography we could ask for to help us market our skin care product line.  Knowing that the imagery and words printed on our bottles are at such a small scale, we had to rely on the highest professional work available, but at a reasonable cost.  We searched high and low until we found ProductPhotography.com.  We love their service and professionalism.

Nina HowardBellanina Spa & Institute

Working with ProductPhotography.com is like have a top notch photo studio in our office. Robert is always on time and quality is never compromised. He always comes through and treats every product photograph as if he is out to impress you.

Simone Oliveira

Sigma Beauty has been using ProductPhotography.com services for over 2 years. Their professional photos have been instrumental to showcase our products to our clients and has made an important impact on our sales. Fast service, quality, and attention to detail are the main advantages of using ProductPhotography.com.  We highly recommend Robert and his team to produce high quality professional pictures to showcase your products.

Simone OliveiraSigma Beauty
Bruce Gillies

We have used ProductPhotography.com for several of our projects and have always been happy with the results. Robert and his team listen to our needs and come up with ideas to make our products look great. Having professional photographs of our products has increased our business and made our sites look great.

Bruce GilliesDynasty Hardware
Daria Artem

ProductPhotography.com has been the DIFFERENCE in our product website. We went from mediocre images that frankly did not do our products justice to spectacular images that make our products POP off the screen! I own and operate a gourmet cookie company and despite the fact that I see our products every day, I still want to buy them when I am viewing them online because the images are so terrific!

When we want to get products that SELL- whether to a single retail customer browsing the web or to a wholesale buyer, ProductPhotography.com’s images seal the deal.

Daria ArtemCEO, Lady Fortunes Inc.
Chad Freeman

We have used Robert House and ProductPhotography.com on numerous occasions, and each time we have seen excellent results. We were concerned at first with us being located in Miami, FL and with them located in Las Vegas, NV but this has not been an issue at all and has allowed us to receive great product photos even with us being 2,500 miles apart.

Chad FreemanProforce Equipment, Inc.

We have been working with ProductPhotography.com for over 8 years. Their pricing is very reasonable, and they could not be easier to work with. From the simple to the complex, the photos of our products always look fantastic and ready for our website and printed collateral. We could not ask for a better photography partner!

Eric McNiff
Krystle Lindberg

We have worked with Robert at ProductPhotography.com for several years and they have consistently done a wonderful job! The photos they have delivered are always great quality and the customer service is outstanding. We will definitely be using them for future projects big or small.

Krystle LindbergChateau Diana Winery
Ed Kraus

ProductPhotography.com has been doing all of our product photography for the past 5 years. We couldn’t be more pleased with his level of service and the quality of their photography. Not only is the work attractive, it is reasonably priced and on time. Without a doubt, we will continue to use their services into the foreseeable future.

Ed KrausE. C. Kraus Wine & Beer Making Supplies
Abbie Leeson

If you need professional product shots with quick turnaround, go here. You just mail in your products with instruction and voila. Great value. I’ve used ProductPhotography.com several times over the years and have never been disappointed with the quality or service.

Abbie LeesonThe Ginger People
Anita Worth

We have used Robert House extensively for product photography. He is extremely professional, responsive and most importantly, the photos are returned in a timely manner. He does beautiful work and manages to add his own creative touch while shooting the product to our specifications. Great photos and easy process!

Anita WorthPresident, PeaceLoveTrends, LLC

Hi Robert – just wanted to let you know how much I’ve appreciated your professional photography service. I learned a few years back that whenever possible, it’s best to delegate certain projects to those who do it all day, every day. To try to take on a number of additional tasks that appear to be within the lay person’s skill set is the perfect example of being penny wise, pound foolish. I’m grateful that I found you, and I count on you to be a partner in what I do for the long term. Thanks again.

Ben Kim

We have worked with Robert for years and have relied on him to produce consistent product images for us. His work has been nothing less than exceptional in terms of quality, pricing and consistency. I have recommended Robert to several other firms and will continue to do so.


I have worked with ProductPhotography.com since 2003, and with each project I am consistently amazed by their work. Our company initially sold fashion jewelry; jewelry pieces are some of the hardest photos to get “right” since the products have shiny, reflective metals and stones. Robert knew exactly how to light the pieces, and thus, the resulting images were rendered with crystal clear detail and clarity. The photography looked SO good, that often our customers would remark, “This is costume jewelry??? It looks too real!”

As our artistic and marketing directions evolved, Robert adapted and was instrumental in making photography suggestions that would best represent our products.

Robert and his team can handle large-scale projects with relatively quick turnaround time. It was not unusual that we sent over 100 pieces at one time.

With ProductPhotography.com, you can expect beautiful results, quick turnaround time, and the utmost professionalism. I recommend Robert to anyone seeking high quality product photography, and wish him continued success.

Cara Jones