Our story and studio

Robert House flying a Blaník L-13 glider

Robert House flying a Blaník L-13 glider

Back in 2003, if you were a company who needed quality product photography there were limited options…

If you were in a large metropolitan area you had a decent chance of finding a commercial photographer who can do product. However, traditional photo studios charge on a day-rate basis, often at several hundred dollars per hour, placing professional product photography just out of reach for many businesses.

If you happened to be located outside of a major city choices were slim. Local photographers often have little experience with product photography, mostly focusing on weddings and portraits. The only other viable option was to try and do it in-house.

I thought I could offer an ideal solution – a mail order  photography service specializing in product photography. It was a new concept and I was unsure whether people would be willing to send their products to someone they had never met in person. I had hoped with prompt, personal service and a friendly attitude I would be able to overcome this hurdle.

In late 2003 I made a large investment in studio photography equipment, put up a website, did some marketing, and hoped for the best.

Astoundingly, within a month we had a full schedule of projects and had already had our first repeat clients. Back then we were simply named “Robert House Photography.”

Studio reception area.

Studio reception area.

Things quickly expanded and about a year later we moved to a new location and invested in the latest commercial photography gear. A year after that we changed our name to “ProductPhotography.com” to better reflect our specialty. By this point we were lucky enough to have had several hundred clients and lots of repeat business.

Fast-forward to 2013 and we are now in our biggest studio yet, with a small team of full-time photographers and support staff. To-date we’ve delivered over 60,000 product photographs to over 1,100 clients in more than 20 countries worldwide.

We’ve had the opportunity to work with many fantastic clients and it would be my pleasure to show you the personal service and quality work you deserve. If you’re interested in starting a project or just have a question, please contact us and ask for me personally.

Looking forward to working with you!

-Robert House

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